Best Motorcycle Helmet 2018: Reviews & The Ultimate Buying Guide

Every motorcycle owner needs a helmet. Are you seeking the best motorcycle helmet ? First of all, you have to think of the protection and comfort. The helmet does not play the roles like other equipment. Rather, it is different. It plays roles in a different way. So never make mistakes to choose the right one. The best motorcycle helmet provides comfort as well as safety.

best motorcycle helmet

Motorcyclist is never free from risk until they wore a helmet. As an accident can happen at any time, so every rider has to wear motorcycle helmet before starting their bike. Have you ever thought what happen if a rider accident except helmet? He falls into serious danger, even death. So the importance of wearing the parts is crucial. Car passengers are saved by the restrained metal frame in an accident. But a motorcyclist has to fly in the air. Then he has to suffer a long period. Even take the taste of death.

Although a motorcyclist always cherishes the heroism that I will never fall in the crash. But he has to face accidentally. Then those who put on the helmet, they suffer less. So I can not mention the proverb “prevention is better than cure”. Why you will suffer a long run lack of sincerity.

It is true that when you go to buy a motorcycle helmet, you should take some facts under considerations. Affordability, reliability, and comfort are the most important things.The below descriptive words give you a clear insight which is the better? What types of the helmet are available in the market? And what types of helmet you need. You will be able to take a right decision for choosing the best motorcycle helmet.

Types of MotorCycle Helmets You Need to Know First:

The categories of the helmet are versatile. Different types of the helmet are available in the market. The entire helmet does not serve in the same way. Each and every type of helmets is different with its features. The motorcyclist takes helmet according to their expectation. Full face helmet, open face helmet, half helmets, Off-Road/Motor-cross Helmets, and Modular Helmet are available. Let you know the details about these helmets.

Full face helmet

Full face helmet covers the entire face. So it is called full coverage helmet. Actually, the helmet is designed not only for a head but for saving your face, jaw and head. The helmet is for quite a rider. The helmet saves you from hearing the roaring sound of the wind. As the shield is available in the helmet, you can save yourself also from sunshine and rain. The clear visor of helmet offers you clear visibility to ride on the road confidently.

Full face helmet is blessing to the riders. It is the mother of safety. It is the greatest head protection. It also has better stability. Full face helmet has slightly drawback. The helmet is heavier compared to others. You can feel the strain when you wore the helmet long time .In spite of having the problem; most of the motorcyclist chooses the helmet. Why? Because it keeps one rider free from the wind, dust and rain in their way.

Open face helmet

Open face helmet is very common to the riders. It is also preferable. It is like a full face helmet but it has no chain bar and face shield. So it has no jaw and facial protection. Unlike full face helmet, it provides you a plenty of opportunities to breathe. The open face is less effective than the full face helmet. However, it depends on the rider. He can fulfill the package in another way. In addition, he can take a pair of goggles when he rides. But it is sure that the sunglasses or eyeglasses are not sufficient for their protection when a debris or dust hit one face during riding. Open face helmets give you the chance of free communication.

Modular Helmet

Modular helmet is an interesting helmet. It is called motorcycle hybrid helmet. It is the middle-sized helmet. A rider can take the taste of both full face and open face helmet using the modular helmet. The helmet has a mobile chain bar. It is movable. So an operator can use the chain bar just pressing the button. Modular helmet is fuss free and easy to use. The helmet provides easy communication. One rider can turn over the face guard easily. Those helmets are less lightweight than others helmet.

Off-Road/Motor-cross Helmet

Off-road helmets are a unique motorcycle helmet. Normally the rider does not use the off-road motorcycle helmet. Those types of a helmet are made especially with the special features. Especially the helmet is made for the racer. Specifically, those types of helmets are worthy of short racer. This helmet has sun visor, chain protection. It has no face shield. The sun visor of the helmet is noticeable. The visor is long comparatively. The rider can keep them free from the sunshine. The chain portion of the helmet is also remarkable because it saves riders from different types of debris and dirt.

It has no face shield. As there is no face shield, you will have to face both advantages and disadvantages. It improves the visibility of the riders. On the others hand, it makes the rider suffer during foggy and cold weather. Another special feature, that it has vents. The ventilation system gives riders, good temperature.

Recommended 5 Best Motorcycle helmet for Rider


Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell-Solid-Boss-Motorcycle-Helmet is an open face motorcycle helmet. The helmet is different with its extraordinary features. The helmet is outstanding with its good retention system, absorbing liner, comfort padding, and outer shell. The helmet is for the safe riders. Its safety is approved with the DOT certified as well as CAPA certified. The helmet is comfortable. Giving the priority to safety, the helmet is prepared. The extra –ordinary aspect of the helmet is that it has a communicating device. A rider can communicate easily using the device. The helmet is lightweight as the shell is made of TriMatrix Composite. The shell is made of fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon. The weight of the helmet is 900gm approximately. It is an eco-friendly motorcycle helmet. The internal sun shade is another feature of the helmet. It saves the riders from the heat of the sun.

A rider can use the removable neck curtain in the cold weather. It is effective enough. The shield is innovative as it provides 100% UBA and UVB defense. The open face motorcycle helmet gives more confident to the rider. The helmet gives you 5 years warranty. So it is realizable how much stronger the helmet is. Overall if you seek an open face motorcycle helmet. It may be your choice. If you are curious enough to know about the helmet, you have the opportunity. Read My Full Reviews

HJC Helmets CL-MAX 2 Helmet

HJC Helmets CL-MAX 2 Helmet is great. The construction is excellent. It is innovative with added features. It is stronger in the comparison to others. The shape and design are awesome. As protective Equipment, It can be the way of saving one in a crash. The helmet is superior both with the quality and comfort. You can realize the face shield of the helmet. The shield is lucid. You can observe everything because of its lucidity. The internal liner gives you comfort. As the liner is removable, you can wash and set again as a resort you can be free from any types of bad smell. The chain bar is interesting. Just pressing the button, you can open and shut the chain bar. The helmet is stronger made of advanced polycarbonate. The air channel is the most important feature of the helmet.

The air channel is used for cooling the head of riders. At the time of riding, a plenty of air enters and out through the air channel. As a result, the inner site of the hat is always cold. HJC Helmets CL-MAX 2 Helmet is worthy of receiving a phone call during riding. Sometimes the riders feel the package of communication, sometimes it is the hard job to communicate during riding. So the helmet gives the chance. It is an essential feature for them who have to communicate more and more. Bioceramic Nylex Interior keeps the helmet antibacterial. Read My Full Reviews

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet has three stage 3 stage adjustable sun shields. The sun shield is exceptional with its design. The 3 stage sun shield is helpful when you go the outside in the sun or in the darkness. You are able to save yourself from any pebbles, dirt, and bugs. The sun shield is lightweight enough. So it is comfortable and convenient to use. It is one touch integrated so a rider can never face hassle to use the helmet. When you stop from your riding, just with the one touch, open the sun shield and take fresh air. The helmet maintains a safety standard. As the helmet is approved by DOT, the helmet is reliable and safe to use. The helmet is made of advanced CAD technology.

The helmet is aerodynamic. In the interior design, the helmet has multi-density ESP liner. It has antiseptic fabric. So the user feels comfort use the helmet. The nylon strap retention method is excellent and enjoyable for every rider. HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet is extremely utilitarian. The sunlight of helmet directly springs back with the touch of the button. The helmet is lightweight, super fit, adjustable to three positions. Other important features of the helmets are Multi-density ESP liner and silver cool interior. The design and material of the helmet are obviously impressive and protective. Read My Full Reviews

LS2 Stream Snake Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Stream Snake Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Stream Snake Full Face Motorcycle Helmet has the warranty of five years. The feature of the helmet is strong enough. So the manufacturers give warranty of a long time. Among the mentionable feature, you will have 3D laser technology. It is used especially for smooth fitness. There is a twin system shield of the helmet. It is a very necessary part of every helmet. As the system is a twin, it has an extra opportunity. Besides, Technical fabric liner is washable. So when a user feels that the interior site is not fresh, he can change and wash to feel comfort. So every rider feels safety and comfort using the helmet.

LS2 Stream Snake Full Face Motorcycle Helmet fulfills the requirement of DOT and ECE. The visor has resistant lens. It is effective for every rider. The glove and adjustable air flow make one ride feel comfort. The shell is aerodynamic so a rider does not feel disgusted after using the helmet long time. The padding of the helmet is made of quality foam. So the helmet is lovable to helmet lovers. Finally, it is mentionable that the protection system is approved by DOT. So the helmet is reliable, acceptable to all the riders. Read My Full Reviews

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bilt Techno Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

When we seek a motorcycle Helmet, we have to think of the protection. A full faced motorcycle helmet is the best for protection. Techno –Bluetooth –Full-Face Motorcycle helmet is perfect for protection. The helmet is also excellent with design and shape. The helmet is innovative with its DWO-3 Bluetooth system. It helps the motorcycle rider communicate from rider to passenger and rider to rider. The full face helmet gives you the highest safety. So the shell is the most important part of your helmet. The shell of the Full-Face-Motorcycle is strong as it is molded with poly-carbonate. The paint of the color is awesome it is called metallic paint. The color looking visor of the helmet is very lucid. Rider can observe everything from the outside. It is helpful enough for smooth riding.

The Built Techno Bluetooth helmet has ventilation, removal liner and drop- down sun shield. All the features make the helmet extra-ordinary. The ventilation is 900 degree. You will have the better sound quality. The blue tooth of the helmet provides the best opportunity for communication. You can talk freely to the spirit crosses 70 mph. The battery of the Bluetooth is long lasting. It is no needed to charge frequently. There is also a chance to use the USB cable. Ultimately the full –face helmet is superb. Read My Full Reviews

Things to Consider Before Buying A Best MotorCycle Helmet

As a handsome rider, you must have to consider some facts before buying the best motorcycle helmet. But it is true that buying the best motorcycle helmet is not as easy task. It is enough tough for new riders even the older as manufacturers are developing their helmet. The new brand is swarming to obtain the pace of old with new features, design, shape and color. So selecting best motorcycle helmet is a tricky process. There are some important facts; you have to know before choosing the best motorcycle helmet. Especially safety factors, material, Shield Options, Controls and Weight, Aerodynamics and Brands are important. Besides the mentioned features, you have to consider before buying. The cheek pads, Gaps, chin piece and neck roll for your best safety and comfortability.

Have a look the mentioned facts to consider:

Always adhere to the Safety Factors

Helmet is protective equipment. So safety is the first priority. If you do not give priority to safety first, what will happen at any accident? Besides, you are a motorcycle rider, not any automobile. Mind it that you are going to choose a helmet, no shoes and colored jacket. You should not give priority to design and color. Always remember the words DOT, ECE, SNELL when you go to select the best motorcycle helmet. Those maintain the quality of your helmet.

Find out the best Materials of best motorcycle helmet

When you go to select the material, you have to both interior and exterior material. Generally, you have the good helmet made of Kevlar and carbon. Those are also good helmets made of lightweight plastic and composite fiber. The polystyrene, wick-dry fabric are the interior quality of the best helmet. Nylex is another important material used in the interior side of the helmet. It is a remarkable feature because of anti-bacterial.

Let you know Visibility and shield feature

Visibility plays important roles for safe and enjoyable riding. If the visibility is enough to helmet, you will face problem during riding.

Visibility helps one to ride smoothly, safely. There is some anti-fog model helmet. The helmet is useful in the winter season. The sun-shield is another important fact of the best motorcycle helmet. It saves riders from the bright light of the sun. The shield also saves one rider from flying debris, particle, and dust.

Have lightweight and good fitting best motorcycle helmet

The light-weight helmet makes your riding enjoyable. So avoid heavy weight helmet. The heavyweight helmet can cause your neck pain or strain. So it is better for you taking the helmet as much as lightweight. You take the good fitting helmet. It provides you extra- pleasure. First of all, if the helmet is tight slightly, it is not a problem. But the helmet is large in size, you will not feel comfort. So take the lightweight and good fitting one.

Aerodynamics is must for long drive

Aerodynamics is the most important features of a motorcycle helmet. It indicates that it is not air challenging. If you wear air –resistant helmet, you have to face many problems. Besides, the long drive is quite impossible except aerodynamics helmet. An air resistant helmet can cause a lot of fatigue. Nowadays, most of the hat are aero- dynamics which has a system of flowing air through the helmet.

Have good designed and cherished color

Helmet covers the most important part of human body. It is socks that color is not needed. Color and designed is also an important fact to choose your helmet. Let you select the most visible color. it is also an important fact for safety. The more visible color makes you different than any other rider.

Where to buy Helmet?

In the present, the best source of buying any product is online. You can visit hundred of online shops within a short period of time. You can pluck up your desired product. As a motorcyclist, you can select your helmet observing different types of helmets. It is the golden opportunity. It is also a blessing of the era. Why not you utilize it?

You also can know minutely all the features of the helmet. such as shape,color ,design ,rating and the feeling of practical users. It is obvious to everyone that Amazon is the best place to choose your product. Amazon shipment and dealing system has acquired faith of all.

Besides that, you have the opportunity of knowing every ins and out of product on Amazon. So let you take the taste of best chance.

Go through the Que and Ans, hone the conception about helmet:

Que: Why is the DOT and CAPA certified important to select helmet ?

Ans: In the sphere of selecting helmet, you have to follow DOT or CAPA certified. It carries the confidence of safety.

Que: What types of a helmet are the best?

Ans: There is diverse sort of helmet available swimming in the market. It depends on users. What types of helmet, he chooses. The full faced helmet is best for ever uses as a helmet is a protected gear.

Que: Is there any chance of clean-up a head covering?

Ans: keeping your helmet fresh, You feel comfortable. All the best helmet have the chance of cleaning the interior site.

Que: Why is the sun shield vital part of the helmet?

Ans: noticeably, the sun guard is a central ingredient of a helmet. It saves you from the shine of sun, even you are free from any particle or small bug using the shield.

Que: What is the bad aspect of a shield?

Ans: Some shield is too firm. You can not release easily. As a result, you will not open usually. You are deprived of fresh air. The shield of the selected helmet is easy. Just with the single pressing, you can take the taste of fresh air.

Que: What is the most important part of choosing helmet?

Ans: First of all you have to give priority to safety. This does not mean that you only give priority to safety. The outlook is obviously important fact. But it comes next to safety. Safety is fast.

Final Word About The Best MotorCycle Helmet

The helmet is a defensive equipment. Specifically, it is a blessing for every rider. So they should find out the best helmet. The best helmet is always lightweight, comfortable and interesting to wear. It is the most pleasant to the riders if the helmets come with the best color and design. Lately, there are different types of unique helmets warming the market with different color and design.

Here the description gives a clear insight about the best helmet. Hopefully, it is said that you will have your cherished one form the selected helmets. Each and every best motorcycle helmet gives you safety and comfort together. Those are distinctive with shape, color, and design. Your keen observation gives you a clear insight to select the best one. What types of helmet do you seek? Definitely, you find the best motorcycle helmet of the best material, light-weight and good fitting and aerodynamics. You will find out easily the best motorcycle helmet. The best motorcycle helmet you have been searching for long days.

At the time of observing the good aspects of the helmet, you must think of the inner side of the helmet. The inner site of the five selected helmets is quite smooth. There is polystyrene, a dry fabric in the inner site of the helmets. The selected helmets are the best outer site as well as the inner site. Overall the helmets are much comfortable as those are aerodynamics.