Graffiti White Street Art Gloss Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet Review

A helmet is too necessary for motorcycling, especially for core rider. Because it is protective and stronger equipment. No comments if it is Graffiti White Street Art Gloss Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet. It is excellent for its eye catchy shape, design, and color. As well as the splendid feature. A rider always is to think of protection. The helmets play a vital role for purposes of safety. So using a helmet is the right option there for riding. What will be thought if you take full face helmet? Among the full face helmet, it is extraordinary for its outstanding new looks.

The foundation of these helmets strength depends on its outer shell. Integration of hard shell and padded on the inside of a helmet makes fit the head. Even bring excellent comfort. Extensive riding during in cruel hot weather it cut neck sore. Extending the shell up to its way down the face and neck area create a firewall protection. Even function against the effect of collision impact and debris. The designer adds a featured visor to the front to construct as a more protective layer of the mouth of dust and dirt.

Though it is an unnecessary load to put materials used in the construction of the helmet as full face gears. Even though break situation while driving, full face helmets might save you from death when fatal mishap happen.

Looking for the best helmets on the internet or in shops? So hold in your arms models such as JX-FF001-GRA in your list on behalf of the product Graffiti White Street Art Gloss Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet.

Graffiti White Street Art Gloss Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet

Feature at a glance of Graffiti White Street Art Gloss Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet

The Graffiti White Street Art Gloss Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet has a sun visor control. It retracts when it should be. This helmet can be easily controlled, while the runner has his gloves. The lining absorbs any impact on the helmet. And the shell is lightweight ABS and also supports high pressure. The helmet has been completely ventilated and simultaneously on several entrances and extractors. The Department of Transportation approved the safety classification in this helmet. And also certifies the helmet of the CAPA. Helmets full face here is the only ones that can easily be used with gloves.

  • New and better control retractable Sun Visor Control; Glove-friendly Easy Controls
  • EPS shock absorbing Inner liner; ABS light composite Shell
  • DOT approved street legal
  • Removable and washable Interior; Lightweight Pressure Thermoplastic shell
  • Full ventilated - more air and rear extractors

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like


Que: Is the viewer inside the removable helmet?

Ans: I do not see a lever remove the inner visor but rises in the helmet to hide if you do not want to use. If you really want to go visor sure they can be removed.

Que: Is the visor unclear? Without distortion?

Ans: No, the visor is not blurred, but I have to say that from the air watered much under the fuselage and made my eyes. It's bad when you are over 40 mph.

Que: Is the helmet a mechanism for locking the visor in place has during the high-speed driving?

Ans: As you can see on the left side

Que: What visor model would have to buy to go on this, okay?

Ans: You should not buy one because it is a second tinted shield inside. At first, I was looking for a replacement of the visor, but once I actually saw my helmet and the new wave in the tents of the visor inside was not necessary. Sorry, I could help not.

Que: Can I buy a tinted visor before this? If so, where can I find them?

Ans: We sell smoked visors before for our JX-F01 helmets. The Product you will find on

Final verdict

The Graffiti White Street Art Gloss Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet great helmet at a great price. At this cost, it is not possible to find another for having the features. Motorcycle riders love this helmet for being so versatile. Padding is good quality though it is lacking on the top. But rider still feels well protected when wearing this helmet. Head rotation and view are super. Nose ventilation is decent. It doesn't get foggy a lot. Great helmet with some neat features including. Functional vents all which open and close as needed. People love it for its cool features. Built-in sun visor, deflector, and many vents.

Padding is too soft to absorb much impact. And you just get any padding for the top of your head, although this does not affect the comfort of the helmet.

In conclusion, you have the helmet are cheap. The full review will provide a good concept of the helmet.

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