HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet (Black, Medium) review

The main fact behind choosing helmet is comfort and protection. That is why we can never deny the design, color, and price.The design, price, and color are always part and parcel of selecting Helmet. The HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet Black-Medium provides you comfort and protection. On the other hand, you will have your desired color and price.You will have lots of motorcycle helmet available on the market . You may be convinced observing the display of helmet . But you have minded it that you should not compromise with protection and comfort.

So let you judge to know the best one

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet is DOT approved and advanced CAD helmet

You have to select the helmet which maintains minimum safety standards. You can have well made and the reliable helmet having the DOT sticker inside or the outside of the helmet. The sticker indicated that the helmet is recognized with U.S Department of transportation. HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet is recognized with the DOT. So you can believe the quality of the helmet. It is also comforting as made of advanced CAD technology.

Take the pleasure of polycarbonate composite shell

The shell is lightweight made of poly-carbonate composite. It maintains superior fit and comfort.Shell is tested by DOT since for decades. It is tested to improve the designed and quality of the helmet. The helmet black well designs and maintains super quality. So it is also his choice of most of the users. The manufacturer is always trying to develop the standard of the shell.

One-touch integrated and 3-stage adjustable sun shield

The sun shield is an important part of your helmet. It Is always helpful whenever you go in the sun of the day or in the darkness of the night. In the day, you can save yourself from the heat of the sun and in the night , you can save from the bugs bounce, pebbles, and dirt.

HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet has 3 adjustable sun shield. The sun shield is extremely lightweight. The sun shield is convenient. The most important features of the helmet are that it is one touch integrated tinted sun shield. You will never face any hassle to use the sun shield. It is a comfort as well as interesting. In every stop,you will use the one touch to open the helmet shield.

You are benefited in different ways. Let you consider the others aspects of the helmet except mentioned:

  • Have advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell
  • Take the benefit of removable and washable helmet
  • Enjoy Comfortable SunShield Visor System
  • Lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD machinery
  • Adaptable to three positions
  • Aerodynamic shell for greater visibility
  • Impact fascinating, multi-density EPS liner
  • Be pleased with One-touch integrated burn-ornamented SunShield
  • ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation method gives flow-through ventilation
  • SilverCool Interior
  • Nylon Strap Retention System
  • Moisture-wicking and aroma-free internal with advanced SilverCool antiseptic fabric
  • Optically exact face shield offers 95% UV safety
  • QuickSlide shield substitution system allows for speedy, protected and tool-less shield elimination and mechanism
  • Efficiently secures jaw strap

Let you know the others special features of the describing helmet.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like


Que: How is the shell of the helmet?

Ans: The shell of the helmet is lightweight,comfort,superior fit,DOT approved made of polycarbonate.

Que: How is the sun shield of the shell?

Ans: The sun shield is one touch integrated. It is a three-stage adjustable shield. You can deploy it easily and quickly.

Que: what are the interior aspects of the HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet?

Ans: There are different types of aspects of the helmet. The interior is silver cool, odor free and moisture wicking. The interior site of the helmet is removable,comfortable. It is an anti- bacterial fabric.

Final verdict

The helmet is terrifically and utilitarian and comfortable. It is superior to any others helmet. The sun visor system is excellent. All the features of the helmet are extraordinary. Just with the touch of a finger,you can open and close your sun shield. It is also remarkable that the composite shell is DOT approved, CAD technology and the three stage adjustable sun shield. The interior site of the helmet is excellent. It has anti-bacterial material which is relaxed and washable. HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet is the choice of all thrilling riders.It makes the riders self-reliance in the core of mind . finally, we can appreciate that the helmet is an excellent protective material.

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