How to modify motorcycle helmet? The Ultimate Guide

The helmet is not only for protection but for increasing charming and attractive. Helmet expresses personality, taste, and mental impression. It is also boring to use the same helmet always. So all of the motorcyclists need change or body fit helmet. Frequently changing helmet is one types of snobbery. However, it is essential to change or modify helmet. Have you ever felt the necessity how to modify motorcycle helmet? But it is the question how to modify motorcycle helmet. Sequentially the page will fill up your thirst. Perhaps it helps you in a great way.

So Let You Know The Details About How To Modify Motorcycle Helmet One by One

Wash your helmet with an eligible brush

Frist of all, take your helmet, then try to wash with the brush. Use the shop and any other detergent to clean upper side of your helmet. After washing try to remove water from your helmet with a dried cloth.

Remove padding accessories

Padding accessories is an important part of a helmet. In the interior site, you will have the different types of paddling accessories. Frist of all what to do. You have to use a screwdriver to open the helmet. Then remove all the padding accessories. If you do not remove the accessories, you will face a thousand of an obstacle when you goes to color.

Attach cap over the helmet

When you go to spray the helmet. It is also a matter of consideration that you should save some parts from coloring. So attach the taps of the rest of the helmet. So that the place is free from new color. You will open the tap when your color will dry.

Have your cherished color

Before going to use a new color, you should use 400- grit sandpaper first off all. It is essential to remove the adjusted color. So rubbing the helmet carefully with the sand paper. If you are not sincere during rubbing, your helmet will be rough than normal color. So it is mandatory carefully rubbing the helmet.

Spray light coat first of all

When you have cleared your helmet. Then spray the light coat. Let the helmet dry for three hours at least. The coating layer of a helmet will dry within four hours. After passing three hours, you should take the helmet and spray the paint. Then let it dry again at least two hours.

Thereafter, you should consider another coat of color over the surface of the helmet.

Attach the sticker

When you are confirming that the helmet is dry totally. You can attach the sticker according to your choice. Decorate the surface of your helmet according to your choice.

Except color, you will have a different type of ways. You will know how to modify motorcycle helmet. Adding striker, changing visor, using goggles, adding spikes and horns are the way of modifying your helmet.

Further tips:

Keep your shield scratch free

Face-shield is the most important part of the helmet. You can have strong visibility using the lucid shield. So be sincere when you color the helmet. Save the shield from color and any other spot. It will give you strong visibility. You can change your shield if needed. Some of the helmets have the chance.

Be sure of the same brand of paint and primer

At the time of coloring your helmet, you should take all the elements of coloring from same brands. It will help you to have the smooth painted helmet. But if you select from those from different elements, the chemical reaction may destroy your paint.

Use dazzle color in your helmet

The bright color is the most effective color in your helmet. But you ever choose the dull color .you should at least draw some line at the edge of your helmet. It makes you visible at the time of riding.

Never over paint in your helmet

You have to follow the rules. You never over color your helmet. When you goes to color your hat, you have to remove the previous coat rubbing the sandpaper. If you try to color your helmet over your color. Your color will turn into discolor.

Use logo according to your choice

There are an available logo and design in the market. But those does not fulfill your demand. So select the best design of the logo and use your helmet.

Save yourself from the well-ventilated area

Be sure that when you use a well-ventilated helmet,you enjoy a lot of always feel free and fresh. But when you use your motorcycle with high speed. You try to use a face mask, apron, and others protection.

Final Word

Every motorcyclist need customize the helmet. Have your ever feel to know how to modify motorcycle helmet. You can take the step to modify your helmet perfectly. It is also essential to have knowledge how to modify motorcycle helmet. Your helmet expresses your choice, your taste, your uniqueness. A rider can modify his helmet changing color, adding the striker, altering visor and others. A modified helmet makes you feel pleasant and warmth during riding.

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