ILM Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet Reviews

In the world of helmet ILM Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet is a famous name. Though this brand name begins one year back, it is the real interest to all class of the motorcyclists. Because the characteristics of this helmet are great, all class of motor riders feels it minutely. In a word at the time of riding safety is a quite important issue. The reason why a helmet is so the essential device for the motorcyclists. So, ILM dual visor helmets fulfill this need even other charming issue for riding.

First of all come to the safety issue, The aerodynamic shape of the helmet's exterior shell plays a vital role in easing through the air with less vibration and wind noise. Thus diminish the pressure on the rider’s neck muscle after a long ride. The aerodynamic and aggressive shape of this helmet plays an indispensable role in cycling races. Even diminish the loss of life. The study shows that the aerodynamic effect of the motorcycle can be immense and even decisive. ILM helmets meet or Exceed FMVSS-218 and DOT Safety Standards.

There is the jaw part of the helmet that can go up for open face and down for the full face, Locking them well in any position into the place. There are also clear lenses and eye shadow and both also work really well. The chin strap is the clear design, where you can get nice and tight, but you just throw some red belt and comes instantly without any problems. The helmets also come with a helmet bag to protect against scratches and minor scratches.

ILM Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

Use a long time ILM dual visor flip up modular full face helmet as Odor free

The predominant part of the helmet creates odor when unwashed for a long period. More particularly, the helmet washing system is not easy. The helmet is ideal for the internal site. The area inside the helmet is an important segment. The helmet contains an antibacterial coating on the inside. The liner is removable, washable and odor resistant. Thus, the helmet is to use interesting. Even if you do not care right or not to wash the body over a long period, which produces no odor. There are other obvious advantages for the rider.

Besides, to the above features, you may expect many possibilities. So let’s know the specific features.

Features of ILM dual visor flip up modular full face helmet

    • factory direct shipping worldwide, 7 ~ 12 days for us.
    • Meets or exceeds FMVSS-218 standard and DOT safety standards
    • Pad helmet liner / cheek bones are light, soft, easily removable and washable
    • Sleek, lightweight design reduces wind noise
    • Modular up feature scratch resistant, anti-fog vision and wide clear visor

What did Customer say About ILM dual visor flip up modular full face helmet?

"I love how ILM dual visor flip up modular full face helmet looks and feels. Fits perfect. Good padding and matte finish is incredible. My only complaint is my helmets smell of gasoline before it is shift to me?!? Why? Even left it in my garage for a few days and still smells."

By Adam

"So I paid for the helmet, It had a not brainer. That smell which comes with the helmet when new adhesive used to build with. After some time to wear it, it goes away. Otherwise, it’s a good investment. Just make sure the chin part of the helmet is down. Otherwise, you get a lot of wind noise."

By Harold Fink

"A little small, cheaply made, arrived in a damaged box China, the tight fit for XL. You will see what happens on the open road."

By John T. Zippy


Que: The coating has an oil smell. Any suggestions how they would get rid of this harmful odor?

Ans: The spirit was no smell.

Que: Can you remove a helmet the outer part actually?

Ans: It is possible, but for mines that have screws which are riveted on the side of the face. It is a good use of the helmet but did not think it would be really useful to protect the head in a bad collision.

Que: Is this helmet made of carbon?

Ans: I do not have the use of one hour recommended by me does not work well and do not feel safe. I can sell for $ 30 Mine, I will never use again.

Que: Is it waterproof rain helmets water for days and fog?

Ans:  Seems resistant to rain, but not waterproof. He has not fogged. You can buy an anti-fog spray that works well; I used to use paintball masks.

Que: I wear glasses, I’ll be able to wear this helmet with goggles on?

Ans: Yes, because I was wearing sunglasses and visor upside down glasses. I hope so.

Final word

ILM dual visor flip up modular full face helmet is, of course, a right one. As you have come to know the features after reading the full review, now it is fair to you that what is impressive to me. The lightweight liner or cheek pads of the helmet are soft and easily removable and washable. The helmet looks great and the modular flip up works well and has to unlock a large button on the front. Moreover, it has a unique design that lets it convert from open face to full face which is what made me interested. This helmet is ideal. The paint looks really good. It is fashionable and durable with affordable price. So, it is the high time to take the decision for buying the helmet and enjoy your better riding.

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