LS2 Strobe Solid Modular Sunshield Motorcycle Helmet Review

LS2 Strobe Solid Modular Sunshield Motorcycle Helmet is the pioneer helmet brand in the market. Most of the motorcycle riders in the world like this brand. This brand comes to the market recently or available in the market on August 28, 2015. Even though, it is remarkable to the users for its unique features. It is as like as traditional helmet available in the market. But it is famous because of its ease of good usability. After all, it offers features that will cost you twice expect to find in helmets. The all-metal locking system works smoothly and ensures secure closure for security. It begins with a key that is easy to find and easy to operate, even when wearing thick winter gloves.

To provide excellent protection; the helmet must fit your head to perfection. Particular attention should pay to the shell shape design. Even materials to cut the effects of a possible impact. It is the key getting a perfect fit to your head from outside to inside. As well as, the shell configuration of EPS liner, this should match the human head shape carefully.

LS2 Visors are allowing 3d visual exact " class A" polycarbonate. Especially relevant, with a space-age polymer with high resistant to impact. It avoids distortion and most clarity.

LS2 Strobe Solid Modular Sunshield Motorcycle Helmet feature dynamic flow-through ventilation. It is fully adjustable intake ports. Vented EPS works with the rear spoiler. As well as, exhaust ports is to create a constant, light flow of air helping to keep the rider cool and comfort.

Why should I buy this product?

Although there are many types of helmets on the market, the strobe LS2 is, should buy several reasons into consideration. A fresh look also comes with all the features that you protect well to ensure. It is easy to clean, also has dual-Sun Guard comes and to allow adequate air circulation with several openings.

Feature at a Glance of LS2 Strobe Solid Modular Sunshield Motorcycle Helmet

    • Shell material is composite pp. It's lightweight and aerodynamic features cut into the blow. As a result, it keeps the rider relaxed and causes less fatigue.
    • Due to having the drop down sun shields built-in with dual protection method, it supports to preserve from the sun's ray.
    • The liner is completely movable and washable so that you can keep it fresh as the new one.
    • Maintain the rider cool from heat by adjustable flow-through ventilation. But, together it allows blocking the breeze when it's cold.
    • DOT approved. The strap is easy to on and off and quick release for a protected fit.

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like


Que: The face shield helmet LS2 has two small holes about 3/16 "diameter with transparent plastic caps on them. What are these holes?

Ans: The caps are to support the PIN lock (brand name) in the anti-fog control. Most of the helmet manufacturers offer this support in your face Shields, which is very like this product, though!

Que: Is this Snell approved helmet? I can not find a helmet with a sun shield that is.

Ans: DOT approved, I'm sure in this helmet, but it is not approved, Snell. It had hit a large rock my sights and only a small scratch. In fact, the headliner is strong.

Que: It is part of the removable bottom, or just positioning upwards?

Ans: No, it only increases and is a well-made helmet.

Que: Does anyone it comes in the rain to wear? If so, how is it?

Ans: In the rain One of the best helmets I had done great.

Que: Are there pockets of speakers in the helmet liner strobe? Should I buy one size larger than I wear?

Ans: There are holes in the speakers, but to talk about the measure. Despite what the seller said, I have found that they tend to run small. I usually wear a Shoei GT-Air in XL and got an XL LS2 for modular, but it was way too small. It ended up being a Shoei Neotec and gave the LS2 my wife (usually an L.) But like anything, YMMV.

Final word

LS2 Strobe Solid Modular Sunshield Motorcycle Helmet built with a system of double sun shield, so get the sun protection you want. And you can get more quickly to light when a tunnel or a darker area enter. The sun visor of the helmet is smoothly offering ease of use and less wind noise. The face shield is optically correct, scratch resistant. And it has the lining wicks moisture and the technical fabric is removable and washable.

It is a motorcycle helmet built for motorcyclists when you go to Alaska Highway tour or work. 3D laser cutting foam padding ensures a secure and comfortable fit. And the rapid freeing strap makes it easy to get up and down. The kinetic polycarbonate alloy (KPA) is the aerodynamic envelope and is fully adjustable ventilation. Strobe LS2 is so comfortable that you forget you have it on. This model has an intermediate oval fit. The modular strobe LS2 has a 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. In conclusion, most of the faithful users of this helmet are satisfied with their buying and love to suggest it to others.

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