Matte black dual visor full face street bike helmet Reviews

Matte black dual visor full face street bike helmet is one of the most favorite helmets in the industry. The manufacturer first introduced the helmet on Dec 03, 2010. And it is a great success for motorcyclist ever since. This helmet is one kind of motorcycle full face helmets which cover the entire face and head.

It also covers the base of the skull of the rider which is the sensitive part of Human body. The front part of the chin has a cut and an opening through eyes and nose. It looks like a transparent mask which is heavy-duty crystal clear and smoked plastic. People know it as the sun visor which is turnable to up and down. Usually, motorcyclists love this type of helmet. Because of its protective element and a danger of human origin. It is considered as sharp objects of other vehicles and the surrounding stone throwers and road hazardous situation.

The researcher suggests that most of the riders are being advanced and challenging on the road because of the propagation of considerable faster and sophistication of motorcycles. So, protection of the head is really urgent and necessary for a motorcyclist at the time of riding.

Matte black dual visor full face street bike helmet is exactly what you need to aggressive riders. The most notable of the latter with a motorcycle helmet type properties are surprisingly impressive and admirable, but also practical. Your search may be, finding the best helmets for you and your budget is now in hand, to find more information about this product, the prior art and why motorcycle enthusiasts change the brand lately. The following are details about the product.

Matte black dual visor full face street bike helmet

Features of Matte black dual visor full face street bike helmet

Quality Materials

Made of a lightweight material such as ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and a composite shell EPS (expanded polystyrene) liner, it absorbs most of the impact in a collision. ABS material works as resistant and shock resistance is why the riders are convinced that they are relatively safe from the violent slamming of the head in a crash. The pads are removable and washable, while it's lining to absorb sweat does not smell even in the hottest conditions. The chin strap is from stainless steel D-rings, which are constantly double durable slip.

The aerodynamic design

The motorcycle helmet IV2 Matte Black is aerodynamically designed to deflect wind speed and reduce noise while driving. The ventilation system is to circulate more than enough fresh air in the interior of the helmet. The design of this denotes a motorcycle helmet with a spacesuit made that has a glossy finish and nicely designed, unlike his contemporaries.

Smoked and Clear face protection

Besides, a transparent and solid plastic viewer, this product has a color (smoke) An as an extra as feature of protection against UV rays. Visors feature a quick-release mechanism that swivels in their tight could turn to the ear. In the race, parasol can easy to handle and quickly if needed.

Features at glance

    • New and better control retractable sunshade; Ease of use to use with gloves
    • Fully removable and washable interior
    • Fully ventilated - Many air vents and rear extractors
    • Lightweight High-Pressure Thermoplastic shell
    • Well packaged brand new in the box; DOT approved

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like


Que: Are you able to wear glasses comfortably with this helmet?

Ans: Exterior the usual pressure on the other ear. I wear glasses full-time.

Que: How complicated would be a Bluetooth headset to install?

Ans: Never securely installed, but the hull generates a lot of wind noise. I am not sure that is a factor.

Que: It is believed that this helmet to have a strap button? This is my first helmet that is purchased, and the most that I've used before a button.

Ans: Yes, he does it so well that you will love this helmet weighs only 3.5 pounds. It is reassuring, as long as you have the right size by head and functionality with the inner visor also removable and washable to fit inside

Que: Does the visor window fog up when riding in cold weather?

Ans: Just yes. But especially if you are. If you go that enough air circulation, keep the environment clean.

Que: Is the external visor detachable?

Ans: It's simple; the release mechanism is the same as such visors "Lock Load". it's got those little levers that you press and then pop the visor out. Not work as well as the brand name, but it still works.

Final words

If you look at a really affordable but sustainable motorcycle helmet and first aid for their daily commute to work, Matte black dual visor full face street bike helmet that is right for you. With a seemingly small issue, this helmet your budget and fits securely to meet your needs. Foam padding scientifically designed this helmet protects the head, even in environments or hot or cold and moisture from sweat does not smell. The inner liner is washable and removable. In conclusion, Matte black dual visor full face street bike helmet is an affordable and durable and most of all cool one due to its great price.

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