Storm Street Bike Sun Shield Full Face Helmet Review 

Helmet comes as a blessing. Surely the motorcyclist saves them from serious danger using this equipment. Although it is a protective equipment , they use the helmet as fashions. Consequently, the producer is always changing the old and launching the new. The Storm Street Bike Sun Shield Full Face Helmet comes with excellent shape ,design, and color .

Firstly they surprise all suppressing the old. The new design is attractive ,impressive and effective. Storm Street Bike Sun Shield Full Face Helmet is one of these. There is no hint of doubt that You will be able to realize the truth fact when you go through the review and observe the feature, practical users comments , a question to answer minutely. The review covers everything. So and scroll down and let you know what you desire and buy if the helmet is your desired.

Storm Street Bike Sun Shield Full Face Helmet

Lets me describe all main features and in what way you will be benefited.

Are you seeking to take the best helmet? you will find that all the features of the helmet are same. So you should not concentrate the banal features such it is gorgeous, excellent and others ”. rather you should find out the distinctive features . in what way you are benefited exceptionally.

Lets you know what is the distinctive feature of Storm Street Bike Sun Shield Full Face Helmet

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  • DOT Approved; Size L (59-60 CM,23.2/23.6 Inch)
  • Advanced Modular
  • Light Weight Thermoplastic Alloy Shell
  • Flip up and Dual Lens Design
  • Removable and Washable Padding

Advanced Flip-Up and twice Lens Design

Is not The features of the helmet is exceptional? Two types of lens design are obviously exceptional. You will have this types of design in a rare helmet. why dual lens? What is the benefit of the Helmet? Two types of lens serve in two ways. One is effective for the day,one for the night. One saves from sunlight focus, another for clear visor at night. The lens is also protection of UV rays. In sum, there is no chance of thinking that helmet is only for saving the dangerous accident. Rather good helmet saves you from different types of harmful things.

Is your helmet DOT or CAPA certified ? why?

DOT means Department of Transportation and CAPA means certified automotive parts association . That association maintains the quality of the equipment. If the manufacturer maintains the quality. They approve otherwise they do not accept . The Storm Street Bike Sun Shield Full Face Helmet which is focusing on you is DOT and CAPA certified.

So it is the fact of security to the users. you can feel the necessity of buying the helmet.

Why 2 X 2 Vents is effective?

The Storm Street Bike Sun Shield Full Face Helmet vents are four. The designer has shaped the design splendidly. The two vents are below the shells and two is above. Vents are the effective part of a helmet. it is very necessary element .when your shield is closed and you are riding your motorcycle fully. You feel the leakage of air. The vents will give you enough air. So that you can ride your motorcycle except any tiresome.

Quality Materials is mandatory

You have to judge the quality material of helmet. if the quality of the material is not good . IT will not be long lasting.

Although at a first glance, it looks glorious. You will understand fully that it is nothing but a paradox box. So it is mandatory to judge the quality of your helmet. if your helmet is low quality. It will destroy in a crash along with you.

The material of the helmet is thermoplastic. It is a durable plastic material. So there is no way of worrying about that. The interior side is designed with soft padding .

Elongated Chin Bar

It is an also exceptional features. The chain bar is extended. The features are for additional protection.chain of the riders is safe because of the bar. It is also essential for good fitting.

The specific features of Storm Street Bike Sun Shield Full Face Helmet make the helmet super outstanding . The helmet is also dynamic because of the mentioned features :

  • It is matter of pleasure having Advanced Modular/Flip-up
  • Take the benefit from the Dual Lens Design
  • The helmet is Light Weight
  • Have the Durable and Aerodynamic helmet
  • Have fresh with Removable and Washable Padding
  • Save yourself from UV
  • Shell made of Thermoplastic

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like

Q & A About This Product:

Que: Is the helmet security to use ?

Ans: Yes ,The helmet is DOT approved. So there is no way of hesitation about the quality of the helmet.

Que: How does the dual lens design serve riders ?

Ans: The duel lens is very effective. It is a duel ,one is for day use and one for a night.

Que: How is the padding ?

Ans: The padding is washable. So it is better to use.

Que: does the helmet has UV protection ?

Ans: The helmet has UV protection. The shield of the helmet is made in a way that it protects UV.

Final Word

Finally After going through the review, you may have cleared your insight about the helmet. The helmet is obviously fine with its exceptional features. especially the dual lines,one is dark and one is for the sun. these are really splendid. In the spheres of durability, it is outstanding. Obviously, it provides you with the ultimate protection. The aerodynamic thermoplastic shell is the choose of all the users. The washable padding helps you to have always neat and it is the time of yours to take a decision. You have the chance of choosing your cherished color from versatile color. So utilize the chance of taking the best helmet.

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