TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet Reviews ( Medium – Flat Black)

Open face helmets are ideal for those who cover a convenient way, the entire area for the benefit of obtaining the majorities are. As the name still exposed, helmets 3/4 Single screen the head, face, chin, and eyes suggest sunlight, rain, fog, insects, and dirt. The people who are weaker at medium speed bike in the last hours as the sound of the wind flows in the ears; this is where the advantage of an open face model TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet comes to play with. You can also enjoy strong wind past your face as you stroll around your favorite place in two wheels.

Most prized by motorcycle helmets open face is good visibility, without bars. You can have a clear view of the road. The disadvantages, on the other hand, you can not reject it. Firstly, because they only have 3 of the 4 sides of the head covered, you will not be able to prevent insects and dirt that to attack them. Therefore to solve this problem, you can try to wear glasses bright sun. Many new age models are packed with sun shield that can slide down when it feels like to enjoy the fresh air. This shield adds urgently needed protection against the weather and road grime. If you ask me, my vote for the best open face helmets will always go to TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet.

TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet

TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet consist of cheek pads of anti-microbial fabric

You have to consider both the side of a helmet. The exterior and the interior are important equally. The importance of inner side is no less than exterior side. Lately, the manufacturers are conscious much about the inner side of the helmet. The exterior side contains new shape, lucid color, and a new frame. The inner side contains smooth anti-microbial fabric. So the check pads are always fresh. Each hamlet has an excellent liner. But the helmet does not contain the same liner. Liner quality varies from T50 helmet. TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet has a technical fabric lining. The inner lining is washable. Thus, the user finds more comfort helmets like after washing also reappears as the first day.

Features at a glance TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet

The chain strap is an important part of the helmet. It saves you the helmet to throw your head. The chain strap ensures customer satisfaction and finally safety. The chain strap is used in the helmet, is easy to attach. Usually approved the best aspect of the band track DOT. The strap is attached to both sides of the shell. Helmet, with the exception of the top chain, is questionable. The chain strap is important because your seat-belt.

Complete current TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet consists of important functions. Exceptional properties offer exceptional advantages for the user. Important features that provide more confidence for riding a bike. Especially with this kind of service, will have:

  • 2 external shell sizes for proper measure in face
  • Central oval head shape
  • Five buttons snap way and 3 snap peak added.
  • Ultra suede anti-microbial technical fabric inner support padding with movable cheek pads
  • DOT approved


Que: Is it dot and does it have a visor?

Ans: Yes, it is DOT and has a visor ... But do not come with a mask ... You need to buy sold goggles or a face shield ... By the way, is likely to wear sunglasses, it will work ...

Que: Are you looking for size chart?

Ans: Please, visit the manufacturer's website for the size chart.

Que: My hat size is small (7 1/8) what size helmet does this translate to?

Ans: (See all three Ans:)
(I) I wear a little more than 7 1 / 4-7 3/8 and a large helmet TORC goes well.
(Ii) Go the best thing to do in a shop and try on helmets 3/4. Since I have a bit of a helmet, but xs 3/4.
(III) Please check the man manufacture's website.

In conclusion regarding TORC T50 Helmet

Since you are a hardcore biker, so you will need anything connecting you and the skill you can gain. You are the owner of TORC Route 66 T50 helmet. Classic design, colors, and graphics with an open face retro super slim. Route 66 lining comes with a technical fabric element, that we call ultra suede. It looks and feels like real leather, but absorbs moisture and riders use as a recent material.

I prefer and request that the information of the helmet with graphics "Flying Tiger" will be effective. And I hope I'm helping a part of you to be a better product. You get a form and critical information is available here. The guarantee, buy one of the TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet with graphics "Flying Tiger” and then look at this review.

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