Vega Altura Helmet with Vantage Graphic (Neon Red, XX-Large)

The development of the motorcycle helmet happens by accident in 1935. Because it was the head injury in a bike crash. The motorcycle helmet is the most important part as safety gear of the motorcyclist. Nowadays, wearing on the helmet is the rule of the road in many places around the world. From that point of view, Vega Altura Helmet with Vantage Graphic has come to the market with some cool feature. The company has used high-tech specialty thermoplastic to construct the shell of the helmet.

The liner of the helmets construction material is (expanded polystyrene foam) EPS formed. Besides, its great dual density layer enhances protection for motor riders. The extraordinary feature of the helmet is moisture wicking and washable, changeable comfort liner. Pockets of speakers easy com have to be compatible with most speakers without modification. The design of the helmet is to keep the user in comfort for more ride too.

Vega Altura Helmet with Vantage Graphic

Is your helmet DOT or ECE Standard?

DOT indicates Department of Transportation and ECE 22.05 indicates Economic Commission for Europe. Both of the associations control the quality of the helmet. If the manufacturer keeps the quality, they approve otherwise they do not accept. Hence, Vega Altura Helmet with Vantage Graphic which is focusing on you is DOT and ECE 22.05 certified.

So, it is the matter of safety to the users. Thus, you can feel the necessity of buying the helmet.

Find out Shield that your choice

The helmet is providing various types of shields as a replacement. Riders know the value of apply shields in a helmet. But, Some shields get easy to the riders. This reason why the company has designed the helmet in a unique manner. The helmet has nine types of shield adjusting according to riders choice. Also, the riders can get more shields. Furthermore, he has a chance to use the alternative shields. Whereas the price of the helmet is affordable. So it is the choice of all riders.

Feature at a glance Vega Altura Helmet with Vantage Graphic

    • EPS dual density layer improved protection
    • Quick change shield.
    • Lightweight comfort fit.
    • Moisture wicking, washable comfort liner.
    • Easy-Com interior- easy install of the communication system.
    • Flow-through ventilation.
    • Nine various shield options available

Things We Liked

Things We Didn't Like

Some basic concepts of questions and answers

Que: Why does the motorcyclist wish the head was covering?

Ans: The riders choose the helmet Vega. Because it has an excellent view, maintaining the quality. Also, riders feel comfort using the mask.

Que: For whom worth for the helmet?

Ans: Every rider needs a helmet. Above all, the riders are always busy with a short and long trips.

Que: Why do most riders feel safe?

Ans: Most of the customers with the helmet a good feeling. The aim fact of the fuselage is the comfort-ability. Also, the female rider can use the mask.

Que: What the stock helmet load?

Ans: In fact, there are no significant maintenance costs. If riders experience any difficulties, use the guarantee option.

Final word

In conclusion, Vega Altura Helmet with Vantage Graphic is possible to customize the look of your helmet. It has nine different shields option for customizing. Due to having a large selection of Series A., You can easily convert into a snow helmet installing a breath deflector and Series A Dual or Electric snow shield. Everyone will find the perfect fit with the helmet. The inner part of the liner of the helmet is a soft fit, washable and not fixed. As a result, it can use a long time. Finally, all helmet of this brand is returnable by one-year manufacturing defect warranty. Excludes wear and tear, any change to the end user, misuse or abuse, accident damage.

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